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Daily Mix is not loading new songs

Daily Mix is not loading new songs






Motorola G5S

Operating System



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My Daily mix playlist are not loading new songs as I'm listening, when the last song end it start all over again. What to do?

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This is happening to me as well. I swear if this is a "feature" change I'm leaving Spotify. I've found so many artists with this I was able to overlook that it wouldn't really give me a mix and just "low-key" shuffle around what was already there or had been there very recently.


Basically if I only one song from a particular album was in my daily mix enough times, it would ONLY have that one in the mix. I've had to go back and listen to a bands full album just to get it to start including other tracks from that release.


Server side:

1) Storage for catalog of music 

2) Database of catalog metadata

3) Index on data for common fields that are searched against


Client side:

1) User login for authenticating their account

2) Local storage point for saving/caching

3) Input field for querying and searching local/remote data


Lol it's really not hard, on so many levels. This is not hard whatsoever but yet it somehow is.

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