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Daily mix on PC Web launcher, not on android app.

Daily mix on PC Web launcher, not on android app.






Samsung Galaxy S8

Operating System

Android Pie


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Ive been using spotify for a few months and really like the daily mix. 99% I use it on my phone. However the other day I logged in on PC to do something and saw the Daily mixes had updated. Found 1 in particular and loving it. On my phone it's still queued up but when I go to recent, it doesnt show. Home doesnt show it. If I load the web player, its there again.

Also I'm not seeing an easy way to favorite songs in the web player. I have to click the ... on the end and then favorite it.

Im used to using the phone where I can see the current play list and just tap the hearts.

For some reason on my phone this playlist wont let me see the contents. if I click it like the other ones, it just shows me a list of songs from the current artist.

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