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Daily mix reset during same week

Daily mix reset during same week

Since i have passed to premium spotify, my daily mix keep resetting during the same week. 

If i listen a daily mix today, tomorrow it may change out of the blue the whole playlist.

I've tried to observe a pattern but it is impossible. There is no logical circumstance to happen.

When i had free plan this was not happening at all.


Tried uninstall and installing again but did not solve the problem.


After installing again, also the sound quality is not Very high quality, seems the same on all selection of quality.


Also, from time to time on home screen, even if a song is playing spotify shows a small bar mentioning: No internet connection available.


I didn't paid premium to have all these issues!









Galaxy S10+

Operating System



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Hey there @,


Thank you for your post here in the Community.


We recommend that you head over to this article and scroll down to Daily Mix > What is it > How often does it update for more information about why this can happen.


If you have any questions we're always one reply away.


Take care!

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Hi, thanks for info, but it doesn't seem right.
If i am listening to a daily mix today, tomorrow (during the same week of course) i would like to continue that same day mix.
For example some days ago i had a daily mix on hip-hop (usually i listen to rock, blues and hip-hop) and played about 50% of that daily mix playlist. The next day when i wanted to continue listen the next songs in that playlist ( i think it was daily mix no.5) the playlist changed.
Because of this constantly changing during the same week i can't enjoy the playlists.

Hey @MihaiD,


Thanks for getting back to us 🙂


This is an expected behavior. The daily mix playlists will update every day so the recommended songs can change.


You can create a new playlist and then save the songs there. Alternatively you can like them in order to play them after the playlists have been updated.


Hope this helps. If you have questions, you know where to find us.



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Thank you for clarifying this to me, but i'm dissapointed because this is how the app should go.
I usually listen in car and a daily mix so many songs, i can't listen to all of them in one day to add to my own playlist.
Would seemed more logical that each daily mix to change once a week, so that you can listen to all the songs in the daily mix and save them in own playlist.
That's just how i see things, more logical and also more user friendly.
Because, now, after you telling me this is normal behaviour, i am thinking to cancel the subscription and switch to free account again

It's called "daily" for a reason. It changes daily! You could always copy all the songs to a new playlist which you can then save as long as you want and play as you wish.

You can log onto Spotify using your computer... go to the daily mix... select any one track... now use Ctrl+A to automatically select all remaining tracks (or instead you can hold down the shift key then click to manually select the remaining tracks)... once all tracks are selected (highlighted)..... right click... go "add to playlist".... "new playlist"... name it... and done!


Smartphones don't have the same functionality, unfortunately.

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