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Data usage when saving to existing playlist but only download on WiFi

Data usage when saving to existing playlist but only download on WiFi

I'm using a Samsung S6 and mostly keep Spotify in offline mode to save mobile data usage.

At times I do go looking for new music and mostly save these new tracks to existing playlists that I have already downloaded. When doing this it appears that Spotify ignores my settings to only download over WiFi when it's saves these tracks to the existing playlist.

In a 30 minute period, Spotify pulled down over 500 Mb data ;-(

How can I setup Spotify so that these tracks are only download to my phone when I am in WiFi coverage?
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Check the toggle in the Spotify settings called 'Sync over cellular' is not green (enabled). Are you sure it's definately downloading the track to be offline rather than just your streaming usage?

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Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the feedback. I have checked that the download over cellular is definitely set off (not green).

I have included a few screen shots of the data usage this month. The first is shows over 450Mb in a 30 minute period, playing songs and saving some to existing playlists. The second screen shot shows a similar usage of Spotify without saving any songs. Whilst is still had 180Mb of usage over a similar period it did demonstrate to me that there is something wrong with the setup of Spotify.

The next step may be to completely uninstall Spotify and reinstall to see if that helps...

Any other ideas appreciated.

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