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Deleting single downloaded songs

Deleting single downloaded songs

How can I delete a single downloaded song on my phone? I only find a way to download an entire playlist, but I've downloaded the entire songs I had added to my library and I can't find a way to delete an specific song.

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Does this help?

Not really. I don't have a playlist created. I have ALL the songs that I have added to my library downloaded to my phone. The only way I have found I can delete a song is by deleting an entire artist or album playlist but not a single song.

But you remove a song in your library/songs the same way as in a playlist - tapping the three dots. Look.


It removes the song from my library. I Just want to delete It from my Phone, not my Spotify library.

Ah, got it. I don't think there's a way to do this. If you enabled the download switch in "Songs" or for specific artists. any music added to your library will be downloaded automatically. Once you turn off the download switch, all music will be undownloaded and this is the only option I can think of.


Once you have undownloaded your library, you can redownload music more selectively, by artist, album or using playlists. If storage space is tight, you may want to delete the cache and data from spotify settings first.

Well, that's a big shame u.u the developers should think of a way to do that. Deleting the entire library for just a few songs and start downloading the rest of the library again is a big mess :/.

Thanks for your time, by the way 🙂

So stupid Spotify Mobile'd buried this “supposed-to-be-found-contextually-with-the-song-itself” function deep in the PLAYLIST » … » Edit menu which's kind of relevant you might think, but come to think of it… Most of the time we despite a song we wanted to get rid of it is while we're listening to it, and rarely when we're "Editing” the playlist…


I'd put my efforts in describing to them in a sensible way with hope to see they might see the importance of what a customer's been asking far too long.



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