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Different Songs

Different Songs

Does anyone know why my girlfriend and I would have different songs and albums showing up in our Spotify? We have the exact same phone (Galaxy S5) and we are on the same Spotify version... 99% of the songs are here so it's not the biggest deal it just seems weird to me that her Spotify has albums that mine doesn't.
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Hey @TylerPatsack, you two are sharing an account, from what I can gather? Can you share a screengrab or more details as to what's different? 

We aren't actually sharing an account, we both have separate accounts. I've attached screenshots of the albums available to both of us for 'Hootie & The Blowfish' lol. That shows we have different albums available.

@TylerPatsack, ok I see what you mean. Have you tried searching for the specific Hootie albums (lol) that are missing? Are they there or gone entirely? Might just be a blip in your search functionality. 

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