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Different database for Android ????

Different database for Android ????



1) I'm old and not too bright and have terrrible taste in music


2) Have Spotify Premium on Desktop and OK with that


3) Now loaded Android onto my Nexus 7 - I agree that it is fairly basic and the "no local files" is a pain




Is there a different set of music files for Desktop and Android? Why are there tracks availableon Desktop which do not appear in any search on the Android version.


Example:- Spanish Armada by Les Reed.  Any search of either track or artist name on desktop reveals this track, but identical searches on Android version do not reveal this track. (Told you I had terrible taste....)


Its the same account, searched at the same time with the same criteria, but different results.


So, different database, or different search engine on Android, or I'm going senile ? (Don't all shout at once)




PS - Don't know why I'm paying for premium, one instance of the above track can't be better than 92kps. Where do they get their tracks from? (I know, I know. Typical oldie moan/complain - "It costs too much and it was much better quality in my day . . ."

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Hello Mike!

First of all, let's deal with your sound quality. In your Settings menu, you can select your quality settings for both sync'd and streamed tracks. The "Normal" setting is actually around 96kbps, so that might be why.

In terms of the song, Spanish Armada isn't actually on the Spotify service, so you most likely have that track as a "local file" on your computer. You can sync your phone with your computer and move over some local files, should you wish to do so.

Just connect your phone and computer to the same Wi-Fi network, and log into the same Spotify account. Create a playlist on your computer with the local files you wish to sync, and then open that playlist on your phone. Select "Download Playlist", and the local files should start to move over to your phone.
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Ahhh, so I was right all along. I am senile. Thank you pointing out the (should have been) obvious.

OK, I've ALMOST got this right.


1)  Desktop and tablet running Spotify and logged in with same account name


2) On Desktop, creat new playlist and load with 11 files (MP3) from Desktop hard disk - All play on Desktop Spotify


3) I see that this playliast now appears on tablet (Android) with "11 tracks" comment


4) Open Playlist - 5 tracks listed in black font and remainder greyed out and attempt to play brings up "This track is not available"


5) Have ensured that the desktop folder containing the "greyed out" tracks is shared with anyone.


6) the playable and unplayable are in the same folder


7) Have deleted all and started again - same result for each file


So, please, any ideas as to what I am doing wrong?  or what settings need to be changed somewhere?/





Hey Mike,

When opening the Playlists on your Android, select "Download Playlist" at the top of the screen. It should start to sync these local files over to your Tablet, allowing you to play them.
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Oh, how disappointing - I thought that it would stream from desktop in same way as streaming from Spotify online and not fill up my tablet memory with further copies of tracks I already have on desktop. So, really it's quicker and easier to just copy and paste from desktop to tablet and use tablet player to listen.  It seems that not all progress is forwards . .  . . .


But thanks for listening and replying



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