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Sync files to phone locally?

Sync files to phone locally?

Is there a way to sync spotify files that I have made available offline on my PC,  to an android phone locally, rather than having the phone download them again?


I assumed this was what would happen when the FAQ says to connect the phone to the same wireless network as the computer, but it seems that the phone just downloads it over the internet again rather than transferring over the local network.


Is this the way it is supposed to work? My home internet connection has a monthly download limit, and is not that fast either. Having to waste the time/data downloading the same thing 3 times in order to sync 3 devices is pretty much a killer for me.

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The connectivity between your computer and your phone is only needed to sync "Local Files" - Things like MP3's and the like that are located on your computer. Otherwise, the tracks from the Spotify service will be downloaded directly over a wi-fi network to your device.

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