Disable Ford Sync App Link


Disable Ford Sync App Link

I looked at a previous thread for this that said solved and it most certainly was not. I have been a premium member for about a year and a half. And I drive a lot so Spotify was my best friend. I have a 2013 Ford Fusion and since this update happened I can't even use it. All that comes up his spotify logo and Ford logo. Even when I'm not driving the car, I.e. parked or someone else is driving, it's unusable. The voice commands don't work. And it's very annoying. Tried changing the name. Tried disabling apps through the car itself. Nothing. This is extremely inconvenient and I have yet to come up with a legit solution... I will be forced to cancel Spotify and move elsewhere if this isn't fixed ASAP.

Someone from Spotify please respond to this. The previous threads were not solved and it is an issue for many many customers who are extremely unhappy. Is there a way to disable this.?

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This is fixed now, for me at least. I got an update yesterday that allowed me to view spotify while connected to bluetooth again.

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I second this. It's extremely annoying. Even after leaving the car Spotify remains in app link mode.
This has been going since May 25th so please fix it Spotify


Glad you made a new thread, I was about to do the same.

Spotify, can you please respond to this issue? or you're about to lose a large percentage of your subscription base.

I'm having the same problem in my '14 Fiesta base model. It is only possible to listen to my playlists; if I feel like listening to an album, I can't even pull over to select new music. As long as I'm connected via Bluetooth, I can't control Spotify.

Spotify mobile has always been a bit convoluted, making it a car wreck waiting to happen, but forcing me to disable Bluetooth, exit the app, force quit the app, reload the app, make a selection, and then reconnect Bluetooth just to use the service I'm paying good money to use is MORE dangerous, not less. Moreover, it is completely unacceptable that I don't have the option of turning it off. If the issue isn't remedied soon, I'm just gonna subscribe to Tidal instead.


2014 Ford F-150.   Spotify subscriber.  Will be ending my service in a week if this isn't fixed.  If I can't use spotify on my cell phone whats the f***ing point?

I will also have to cancel likely

2014 focus with sync (non touch ) radio. App is useless. What's even better is now the radio controls can't be used to skip songs either....fix this...or I will be moving onto another service.


same exact boat. I've been a spotify premium user for years at this point and this is making me think about cancelling.

Same. I swear Spotify is ignoring me. They did not test all versions of sync. 2013 non gps ford. Buttons dont work except play pause skip and shuffle. I used commands in their little guide and response is "command is not available". Can't pick a song, can't change playlists, its like a radio with one station.


Super annoying.  Please fix this ASAP.


Me too!!  This started yesterday after I upgraded from premium to a family plan.  Going on a trip tomorrow and really want this working again.


Someone please help!!!

This wouldn't be so completely annoying if I able to browse my saved music. The command, "play saved"doesn't work either... The darn car thinks I'm saying"voice settings."

Fix this!

Need fix asap. Voice commands do not work at all. Non-nav fords have no way to control Spotify. This is ridiculous to force in an update.

I noticed the AppLink show up after the latest update and have a 2014 Ford Focus non-touch. The app is utterly useless and I've managed only to get the last station to play. Voice commands through the car or the phone don't work at all. I want the option to turn this feature off, but its no where in the settings. If it's not fixed by the time my three month subscription is over, my money is going for Pandora instead. Spotify had the premium selection, but I won't pay for something that doesn't work in my car. Please fix.


This is very annoying. I can no longer move to a certain position in the song, navigate through playlists, etc. Doing this through the Sync display is way more inconvenience and dangerous than using my phone. Please fix.


FIX IT!! the same issues are happening. It started June 10, I could no longer use Spotify controls on my phone. I had to rely on using the Ford Sync set up. I'm not sure if any one tested the non touch sync system with this set up because it does not work well. The voice controls are junk and it's more distracting using the buttons on the dash, when they work, which is a crapshoot at best.


 Even when you turn off and leave the vehicle, there are still issues. The app stays linked to the Sync System and you have to shut the app down to listen to music on another device. causing you to lose the spot at which you were jamming to your favorite playlist. I loved this app until this happened. I can no longer subscribe if this is the future for Ford drivers, it is a deal breaker.

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This is fixed now, for me at least. I got an update yesterday that allowed me to view spotify while connected to bluetooth again.

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