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Discover Content Gone

Discover Content Gone

I was trying to find my Discover Weekly playlist under the discovery column in the browse tab on my android, but the only content that populated was several sleep playlists I had listened to before and the words "Night Night!" above the row of sleep playlists. I can find my Discover Weekly playlist when scrolling through my recently played playlists, but the songs are all the same as those from the previous week. I have tried logging in and out of my account as well as restarting my device, with no change to the contents of the discovery column, or the discover weekly playlist. I am currently up to date according to the Google play store and would like to avoid uninstalling the app unnecessarily. I would gladly accept any assistance, or information, in regard to this conundrum.
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Discover is missing in the Desktop view as well. Was it removed in the latest update? That would be tragic. 

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