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Unable to sync playlist or get online with spotify

Unable to sync playlist or get online with spotify

Android and win10

Premium account

Was working fine, syncing fine between devices, playlists from computer would show up on phone. Recently started using offline mode.


Today added a new playlist on the computer. Did not sync to android. Playlist did not show up. Android app is NOT in offline mode. Android app also seems to be working overall very SLUGGISHLY. There is a constant green wheel turning when I search for songs on the android app. Wifi works fine on both computer and phone, as I am able to browse the web etc. Funny thing was that I could play a song on the computer, and then "send" the song to my phone to continue playing from my phone, and vice versa... So obviously there was a connection between the two devices.

Cleared cache, restarted android phone, reinstalled spotify app, logged out and back in. To no avail.

In fact, upon re-installing, NOT a SINGLE playlist synced over from the computer.

I can still send songs back and forth between the devices, but still no synced playlists from the computer to the phone. 

Finally, when I create a playlist on the phone, it does not sync to the computer of course. Additionally, when I try to access the menu for the playlist, the green circle pops up, and then the "go online to see menu" pops up. As if I am not online.... Yet the device is connected to the computer via spotify connect.


There is at least 10 gb room on the phone as well.


This seems to be a CLEAR bug on Spotify's side. There are numerous posts about this that are UNRESOLVED.

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