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Discover weekly is filled with songs that are already disliked

Discover weekly is filled with songs that are already disliked






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Hey my Discover weekly playlist is getting more and more filled with songs i already disliked. First it was 1 or 2, which i thought was weird but now its up to 12. Do i need to start another account to reset this and hope it doesn't happen again?

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Hi @Prikis,


Thank you for posting on the Community, and welcome!


The Hide song feature is not synced across devices. This means that you may see a song you've disliked on Mobile in a recommendation playlist like Discover weekly on you computer or other device. You can add your +Vote to this idea if you'd like this feature to be synced across devices in the future. 


If you're using several different devices like Desktop, Web player, Smart speakers, Auto etc. this might explain why you're seeing songs previously disliked back in your Discover weekly.


A workaround for this is to block the certain Artist those songs are from. You can do that on the mobile app by going on the Artist's profile > Click the 3-dot menu > Don't play this. This way all content from this artist will be blocked on all devices.


Let us know if you have any questions. 

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