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Displays not updating

Displays not updating






Google Nexus 7 (2013)

Operating System

Android 6.01


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 For the last several versions of Spotify (and the current one) the various displays do not update.  The Album Art display fails to update when it starts playing a new song and just shows a previously completed song.  I have discovered that pressing Android's app switcher button to shrink then restore the app causes the display to update to the current song.  Anyway, all of the various song displays in Spotify have this problem.  The "Album art" screen, the "Now Playing" screen (showing upcoming songs in the playlist), the Status Bar Notification, the Desktop widget, etc.  In fact, right now my status bar notification is showing a song from 45 minutes ago, the desktop widget is showing a different song from about half an hour ago, the album art is showing a third song from a while back, and I am actually listening to a fourth different song.  It's extremely annoying that you cannot see what you are actually listening to.  also, sometimes it stops updating after a full screen video ad, and you can't see anything but the last frame of the video and a pause button that pops up in the middle of the screen; nothing else.

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