Distorted playback static sound

Distorted playback static sound

I am experiencing distorted playback & static sound on the spotfy app. My device is onkyo dp-x1 and great headphones, I am sure Its the app's problem,because when I use the onkyo player, the distorted playback & static sound disappers. Any advice on solveing this problem?


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Not an expert here, but it could be that the songs files are corrupted somehow. Try erasing them and downloading the files back to your device

This issue goes at least as far back as 2014. I experience this on both a Lenovo K5 mobile phone and a Lenovo Yoga 3 10" tablet. Both use Android, but I have also experienced this on my iPad Air. Sometimes playback will stop in mid-song and return to the beginning.


This is intolerable for a premium service member that is also an amateur musician, like myself. I practice playing songs by ear on various woodwind instruments, but as the songs sometimes become distorted for more than one frase and then the song distorts again in a completely​different way, it becomes difficult to determine which key the song is actually played in.


There have also recently been problems the Spotify app remembering whether or not it is logged in or not. Likewise, it can't seem to figure out whether it is online or offline between individual songs.


Deleting files doesn't help any of this in my experience. Time for the Spotify team to get their hands dirty and find some solutions to these growing problems!

I think the problem could be narrowed down annoying static sound in the play back, now premium music players opreate in Android which can run Spotify.

The static sound is worsen when using high quality headphones like IE800. I hope the Spotify team could fix this problem.

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