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Download problems

I recently opened spotify and recieved the message "You've reached you device download limit, all the downloaded music will be removed from this device." This bothered me because I only use 1 device for spotify; my mobile phone. I ended up deleting spotify and re-installing it, clearing the cache and all that. This fixed the "device limit" glitch, but now my music can't get saved onto my SD card like it had before. It's giving me the error message "There might be something wrong with your SD card, please check your permissions and try again." 

Ever since I got that message, i've been unable to download my songs to the SD card no matter what I've tried. I'm running android 5.1.1. Any healp will be greatly appreciated.

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Go to android settings/application manager and make sure that spotify has permission to access the SD card then restart spotify and set storage location to SD card.

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