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Samsung note 3 otg to DAC

Samsung note 3 otg to DAC

I recently upgraded my note3 to lollipop and Spotify stopped playing through my external DAC. Before the upgrade it played fine. My other apps works fine with my dacs. Any idea what's going on?
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Unfortunately this is a common problem for Samsung users and has nothing to do with the Spotify app. For some reason, upgrading Samsung devices to Lollipop causes such conflicts with USB DAC devices. It may be worth getting in touch with Samsung directly, as I believe it's a chipset issue.

I've been seeing something similar, though it does work occasionally (most reliably when rebooting the phone with the DAC attached).  FWIW, I use a Fiio E17.  When not working, my audio output is garbled.


I noticed today, however, that if I switch to a different music app (in this case, and hit play, I'll get the same garbled output, BUT, unplugging and plugging the DAC back in will fix the output from the alternate app - and allow Spotify's output to play properly as well.


May work for you - this is on an AT&T Galaxy S5 Active.

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I just started using a Dragonfly DAC with a Note 3 and it works ok.  Sometimes I need to remove and re-plugin the DAC as described above.  Also I need to reboot after uing USB Audio Player PRO.  More details here.


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