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Downloaded Songs not being recognized

Downloaded Songs not being recognized

I just turned on my phone (sony xperia z5) and opened Spotify to find at that all of my downloaded songs were not recognized as downloaded anymore, and the "available offline" tab is unchecked for all of them. The data is still on my SD Card (about 10 GB) and my phone is still recognizing the SD Card just fine. Restarting the app and restarting the phone didn't fix the problem. If I click available offline, it starts downloading the songs again despite the fact that they are clearly still on the SD Card. Is there any known way to fix this other than deleting it off my SD Card and redownloading everything?
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Yeah you'll need to redownload your offline music again. Just out of interest, had the storage option in spotify settings switched back to internal?

I just checked that. Yes it had, but I know for sure that I didn't do that. Switching it back to SD didn't do anything

Once you started downloading again, you created a new cache in internal storage and when you switched the storage location back to SD card, spotify will have overwritten the old SD cache.


Can you make sure in android application manager that spotify has permission to access storage. The only time I've had this happen was following a recent firmware update but switching back the storage option before playing anything seemed to work.

I just had the same situation. I am using Pixel2 and don't have SD Card. I granted spotify to use storage and restart the phone but nothing changed. Spotify uses 5gb storage and app shows no downloaded album/playlist.


Do you have any idea?

Good Morning Crew. Iˋve got a Samsung Tab A8 and am running an adata micro sd 256 G. My songs disappeared each time I restarted the tab. The solution is to go to settings menu. Uninstall and Reinstall Spotify. Open developer mode on the tablet or phone. Scroll down to force external apps to sd. Return to settings...go to apps. Enter storage option and switch app to sd. From there on Spotify will recognize downloaded library on SD card. 

Hi there. I'm running a samsung tab a8 with external adata sd card 256 G. My downloaded library on disk card was not recognised on tab restart. The solution is to uninstall spotify and then reinstall it. Proceed to developer options in tab or phone. Scroll down to "Force apps to external memory" and turn on toggle switch.  This will allow you to transfer apps that normally don't have a manifest on sd. Go to settings again and tap "apps". Proceed to spotify and select storage. There will now  be an option to transfer spotify to sd card. Go to spotify settings and make sure you have selected sd for your storage option. You may now download your library to your sd card and it should be recognised. 

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