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Downloaded lists disappear

Downloaded lists disappear

My downloaded playlists disappear from my Spotify after a couple of days or so. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 with Android 5.0 and a memery card containing 128 GB. I save my downloaded Spotify playlists on that SD-card, but they disappear after a while. The thing is that they apparently don't get erased from my phone, just from Spotify. The SD-card still contain the playlists, but on Spotify the green arrows aren't there anymore. Any suggestions on what to do?

2 Replies

The only reason that this should happen is if you do not go online to your Spotify account at least once per month. In this instance, I think that  your downloaded music gets erased from the device (or at minimum it becomes unavailable). Meaning that you have to go online and re- flip the sliders for playlists and albums to 'Available Offline'.


I can confirm that music suddenly becoming unavailable happens, even if you have been online. I go online at once a week. However, once in while a lot of my music gets switched off. Last week I found that all of my albums had been switched off and I had to manually re-flip and download the entire lot. 1300 tracks!!!!! (insert angry face emoji)

And yet none of my playlists had been touched!


This may be a glitch in the Spotify app, or the account monitoring by Spotify (does not recognize that you have been online within last month) or numerous other things.


Do not expect any official reply or fix from Spotify other than the usual suggestion to uninstall and reinstall the app (seems to be the only suggestion to every problem 😞



I have the same problem. Never happened to me before, but it happened twice yesterday. They are no longer available offline but I can see the files in my system. Nexus 5, 6.0.1

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