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Downloaded tracks not saved to library/saving multiple tracks?

Downloaded tracks not saved to library/saving multiple tracks?

Hi, my dad is having a problem with Spotify on his phone. He likes the Discover Weekly feature and downloaded last week's playlist. When it updated this week he wanted to download those tracks too, but now he cannot find any of the tracks he downloaded from last week. He did not save any of them to his library, so I can't find them by searching for them. Where am I supposed to find all of these downloaded tracks, exactly?


And more, how is he supposed to save all these tracks, if downloading them all won't do it? For now the only way I know is to go through each song individually and save them. Where is the "Save All" button, or "Move all to..."? If he had a computer this would be no problem at all. You could save a hundred songs and sort them into a new playlist in 2 seconds. But I can't figure out how you're supposed to do this on Android. Should not be this clumbsy, so please tell me I am missing something obvious.



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