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I am a Spotify Premium User.


My mobile device is a HTC Liberty.


Firmware: 2.1-update1

Software number 1.25.502.2


My Spotify Mobile for Android version is (


I get stutter and dropout in my playback if some other apps are running simultaneously.  If I am running Endomondo, a sports training app with GPS tracking, the Spotify playback is so bad as to be unlistenable.  If I run Endomondo with my normal MP3 player, however, there are no issues with playback.


If I disable GPS, I can use Endomondo without Spotify having issues.  That, however, defeats my primary purpose for having Spotify Premium on my mobile device - to listen to music during sports training.


The only reason I have Spotify Premium is to use my mobile device.  If I can only use Spotify on my mobile by not using any other apps, I have no reason to pay for this service.


Although this issue is most prevalent with Endomondo, it is not exclusive to Endomondo.  That is, I have experienced this issue while check my mail, using the camera and other Android Apps.  I do not have any of these issues with the built in MP3 player, only with Spotify.

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Hi there.

I had a look at the specs of your phone and I think it might just not be up to multitasking too much.


What you could try is killing some of the more cpu-hogging apps to free up some memory and processing power.


Keep in mind that plenty of Android apps like to restart themselves; especially after a reboot. So you might want to check out the Google Play Store for an app that will help you block some (non essential) apps from automatically restarting themselves.

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I'm experiencing a similar problem on my nexus 4 (now running kitkat 4.4.3, but the issue was there before):
when I do sport and use runtastic pro, the playback often mutes itself for ten-fifteen seconds. The song will keep playing in the background and resume later, but for those seconds no sound it's produced. It happens everytime I do sport (bike and running so far) and as often as with everytrack, sometimes more than once per track. I've no lag problem and the cpu works perfectly, plus I make sure that when I do sport I've only these two apps running. I use a downloaded playlist in offline mode, that does not present any problem during normal playback.
Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance!

Does it happen when the other apps aren't running?

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Sounds like an issue with audio ducking as discussed here. They "fixed" it recently in response to complaints that navigation directions couldn't be heard when using spotify but they are still working on spotifying playing nice with all apps.

Yes, at first I thought it was a problem related to notifications from other apps, whatsapp, but then I disabled them and nothing changed. Therefore I tried to have only these two apps open (runtatstic pro with the gps and spotify) and the problem persisted. With spotify alone, of course, everything goes fine.
But it's not related to the sound volume of navigation instructions, that's not an issue for me.

Runtastic uses or can use notifications which cause this. It has been mentioned by others in connection with the audio ducking issue.

Umh, yes it's similar, but I don't have notifications at all. I'm just using runtastic to keep track of my route and while doing so I close all other apps and disable all notifications. The song are randomly non-audible for me and I don't know what is triggering the behaviour.

Anyway, thanks for the help!

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