Duplicate Albums Saved in Library

Duplicate Albums Saved in Library


I have recently started using the save to library feature as well as adding them to playlists.  I have noticed many artists are showing duplicate albums in my library.  There is aboslutely no difference between the albums for example Point #1 by Chevelle.  There is only one listing of that album on Chevelle's profile yet it is saved in my library twice.  There are many more instances of this.  The only time I'm adding songs to playlists or my library is on my HTC 10.

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Also if I remove one they both disappear.


I get the same problem.


Hey folks,


We just wanted to provide you with an update on this.


Removing one of the duplicate albums in Your Library no longer removes both of the saved albums, so this seems to be fixed.


If you'd like more info about the root cause of duplicate albums appearing in Your Library and what you can do about it, make sure to check out this thread.


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