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Editing playlist order on spotify mobile (Android)


Editing playlist order on spotify mobile (Android)

Why doesn't spotify support manually changing the order of playlists on the mobile version?


Is there some kind of technical hurdle to work around or are Spotify just not listening to the people that are asking for it?


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Hey all!


Dropping by to let you know that this has been implemented across all mobile devices!


You can sort songs by dragging down the list to reveal the filter. There you can choose how you'd like to sort music.


Hope this helps! Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day.

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220 Replies

Is this feature going to be added soon? It seems incredibly basic, I'm amazed that it's missing from the Android app.

Does this idea cover what you'd like to see?  If so, please add your kudos to it - the more, the better.

Yup that's what I'm looking for, thanks, I added my kudos.  I'm really surprised the Android version has features like the lock screen view and the ability to control songs through notifications, but it's missing the basic feature to edit the song order in a playlist.

When such basic features are missing I always wonder if the developers ever use their products themselves.

I guess this would need to be implemented on the desktop client first. Sure, you can rearrange tracks but the new order doesn't stick and you need to copy the tracks to a new playlist for the order to be preserved. Guess you could do the same on mobile, after a fashion.

Huh? It IS implemented on the desktop client and of course the order sticks once it is changed. It´s also synced to the Android app (meaning once I change the order of a playlist on the desktop client it also appears like that on Android). From what I got it is or was possible to rearrange playlists on Apple devices. So I don´t see why it´s not implemented on Android. Feels very wrong that such basic features are not even available for premium users. Doesn´t feel very "premium"...  


I realized there a number of other threads pointing to this problem. Not sure if I digged out the most relevant one here...

Duh, when did they change that on the client? Thanks.


As far as I know it isn't possible on iOS either although someone suggested it may be coming soon. There ar a couple of ideas here and here which you should add your vote to.

So frustrating. I use this to teach yoga and switched from an apple and as silly as it seems I'm thinking abt going back to my iPhone because of this.

SPOTIFY for goodness sake SORT THIS OUT!!!!

It's f@%ing ridiculous that it still doesn't work!

Are you not listening or what's your problem?????



when you are all the way at the top of your playlist, SWIPE DOWN and there you go

Swiping down only reveals the preset sorting options. It does not allow you to manually move individual tracks around.

Latest release notes on Google play store 24/9/2014

New: Nothing of any use.
Fictitious: Ability to manually order playlist from mobile app.
Fictitious: These 'fictitious' comments are remotely funny.

I came from Wimp. I can order my playlists there. Maybe I'll have to change back.

Here's a quote from the Spotify management team from the news today.

"Today, the majority of all new users signing up for Spotify are mobile. Making this transition from desktop to mobile means that our front door is always open"

If the majority of their business is now mobile hopefully they'll look to bring the mobile functionality one step closer to the desktop and add manual playlist ordering.

It's possible to rearrange playlists on the Apple iOS mobile app , why not Android ?

@Dave68 wrote:
It's possible to rearrange playlists on the Apple iOS mobile app , why not Android ?

Add some kudos to this idea:

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As far as android custumers are paying the Same amount of money/Fee spotify should take this problem serious. Sorting/changing a playlist should def work mobile on android aß it does on ios... Any official answers/comments here??

Thanks dude!

-2015, from dude frantically trying to find a sort option in all the menus.


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