Entire Android OS Crashes with Spotify over Car Bluetooth


Entire Android OS Crashes with Spotify over Car Bluetooth

Casual Listener

Hey all,


I recently updated my Spotify app to the most recent version and brought over my iTunes library into My Music, and soon after doing both things I started encountering an issue with playback on my HTC One (M7). For some reason, after making those changes, playing Spotify over Bluetooth in my 2013 Mazda 3 causes the entire phone to lock up and stay that way until I force restart it. Sometimes the screen will start to dissipate into little lines like the display drivers have failed. It's super weird.


It doesn't occur with any other apps, or with phone calls over bluetooth. And it also ONLY occurs over Bluetooth - I can play Spotify over the phone speakers or an AUX cable until the phone dies without encountering one issue. But I'm thinking, it can't possibly be the phone's Bluetooth drivers because native music playback, Pandora, phone calls all work fine over A2DP. 

Anybody have any insights I can follow up on? 

Much love,