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Equalizer flux when used with Android Auto

Equalizer flux when used with Android Auto

Hey, Everyone. I noticed that when I change my equalizer in Spotify on my Android phone, to help increase volume sensitivity in my car, my equalizer fluctuates between default settings and the settings I had set it to within the app. I am hardlining my phone into the car via micro USB and using Bluetooth as a boost for audio signal. That's just how my 2017 Chevy Malibu LT connects by default. This problem doesn't happen if the settings are set to default within the Spotify application, so I'm wondering if the settings within the phone and the equalizer in the car are fighting with each other or some other nonsense of that same sort. I have disabled any learning/smart listening or extra audio settings within my phone.


Edit: I did some more testing. It looks like the equalizer only has this problem while in "Custom" mode. So far, I haven't had any other problem using the prefixed settings.

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