Issues with controls/connection on Chromecast

Issues with controls/connection on Chromecast

I have issues to control spotify while using it via chromecast. I can find the device and connect it, but after connection I face some issues. I can't start playing when I try it after the connections is made. It drops the connection. If I start the playing before connection it works normally. I also can't switch the song, it just go back to currently playing song and drops the connection to Chromecast. And in all cases the chromecast still plays the music even I have it disconnected. With other android and pc apps I dont have any issues to cast.
I also got messages that some else is listening my spotify, but thats not possible because Ive logged out from all of my devices.

At this point ive tried/checked
- To log out from all my devices
- Checked the wifi, works perfectly
- Tried to use different routers (both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz)
- Checked that I have latest firmwares on my devices
- Reinstalled spotify app

I'am using Galaxy S7 with android 7 and windows 10 and have the exactly same problem on both. Thoug if I use older version android (6) phone, it works perfectly.

Chromecast firmware:1.24.88007
Spotify version:

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I am facing exact same issue... Looks to me related to new Chromecast firmware. Both are not usable together and lost its functionality at all.
Anyone has any news, updates, hints?

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