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Equalizer on HTC One M8

Equalizer on HTC One M8

I recently read an article saying that Spotify finally put an equalizer setting in the iOS version of the app. It mentioned it was an exclusive update to iOS only to later correct itself saying, "The Android version has always had an equalizer". 


I'm new to the Android scene but I sure can't find any equalizer setting in my phone. If I go to my settings its just one big page of toggles, and under "Playback" my only options are, "Offline Playback", "Crossfade", "Gapless", and "Device Broadcast Status". 


Is the equalizer only available on older devices? Currently I'm on AT&T HTC One M8 running 4.4.2 and the app version is


Thank you for any help with this. 

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This is a legacy issue with HTC devices I'm afraid. Bug report/topic is here:

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Subscription cancelled... I can't beleive that Spotify can't solve this. PowerAmp solved and it is perfect. I tried some global EQ-s, but nothing comes as close as PowerAmp. I'm sad. I love Spotify's features. It is so sad that "only" the sound quality is not important for them... 

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