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Extreme data usage while on WiFi and/or offline

Extreme data usage while on WiFi and/or offline

I have noticed in the last couple months that Spotify has been eating up my data like no other app on my Samsung s6. I never stream music using data because I either listen on WiFi or download music for listening offline, so imagine my surprise when I looked  at my data usage and found that Spotify has chewed up 300Mb of my 2Gb/month data plan. All of the data used is foreground data, but I restricted background data anyways thinking it would help. The next month I payed special attention to make sure I was connected to WiFi before streaming music, but it was to no avail as Spotify again used 250Mb of data for no apparent reason. I am completely baffled and upset that spotify is using my precious data when I am 100% sure I am using WiFi or playing downloaded music. Any advice or solutions to this problem would be appreciated.

Edit: Just checked my data usage and not even two days into my cycle and spotify has already used 11Mb of data.

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Try turning off the mobile data from the phone settings or swipe down from the top of the phone then find and tap the data button off.

Turning off data is the obvious "solution" to using data, but I need my data on for other apps that I use on my phone. Constantly turning on and off my data when I want to listen on Spotify is time consuming and annoying. 

Do you have offline mode switched on in spotify settings.

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