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Song play count

Song play count

Is anyone else having issues when looking at artists showing that their most popular songs show a play count of less than a thousand? (Every song's play count shows < 1,000) it shows this on every artist that I've looked at.
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Also like this

Works fine for me. What device, android version and spotify version are you using?


Are you using a VPN? What happens if you turn it off?

Not using a VPN, I'm on the galaxy s7 edge, and the version is armV7, I tried uninstalling it but it didn't fix it, right now some artists show up fine but others show the same thing, it's like random.

I've been having this same issue for the past week or so.

Thanks for letting me know, it seems like it's just random to what artists it does this with, because now some show up as fine but the other ones that it used to show up as fine it shows < 1,000, which is really weird. I'm assuming it's just something with Spotify on android.

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