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Extremely slow Sync on Android

Extremely slow Sync on Android

Has anyone found a resolution to the 'Slow Sync' problem? I've found countless forum posts on the topic, but nobody has found a fix (and there's been no official comment from Spotify).


I've been testing against another popular competing music service, and find it syncs about 10x quicker than Spotify. (I can sync an entire album before spotify has managed to download a single song). 


I'd consider Spotify a far superior product, but the mobile syncing problem is a showstopper for me - I simply cannot get any music onto my phone in a reasonable timeframe. (Even leaving it overnight often only syncs a few albums).  I have a 100mbit connection, so should be able to download much quicker than this. 


So my question, if Spotify support is listening - is there a way to fix this? I *really* want to stay with Spotify, as I prefer your service other than this one issue, but I'm going to cancel my subscription and switch if I can't find a solution. 

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Same here. Syncing on an LG Revolution over 4G is a nightmare. I'm ready to cancel my sub too. Unacceptable.

Do you see any difference at different quality settings? I use High and was able to sync 2000 songs overnight the other day - would be interesting to know if this only occurs with Normal or Extreme as that would give spotify something to go on
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