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Installation on the second android device of spotify stops spotify from playing any music

Installation on the second android device of spotify stops spotify from playing any music



   Since I got my tablet, and I installed spotify on it. Spotify works great on my tablet but stops playing any music (offline or online playlists or searches) on my android phone (no it's not muted and audio works for other applications). It still works on my laptop and my desktop and I'm a premium member. I've reinstalled it (with the restart in between the uninstallation and installation like pointed out on a previous post) , I've tried uninstalling spotify from my tablet but it doesn't change anything ! My phone won't play any music from spotify. To describe the problem:

it will 3g / wi-fi load with a picture and all the detail start playing a song at 00:00 and if I open the window again it will restart at 00:00 with no audio output.


tablet : nexus 7 and phone htc one x


   I'm a little lost now as to what I can do ? A little help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

3 Replies

sorry I figured it out, now to figure out how to delete the thread.

How did you figure it out?  I've been having a similar problem.

I installed a few apps that I removed (so it could be that the apps when installed changed something), removed spotify and I restarted the system (apparently in android v4+ shutting down and turning back on doesn't close the apps or clear the temp memory but restarting does so make sure you restart not shut down) . I reinstalled spotify and it worked ... I don't think installing the app on the tablet had anything to do, just a strange coincidence !

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