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[FALSE ALARM]: Low quality (tinny voice) while on roaming mobile data (in Europe)

[FALSE ALARM]: Low quality (tinny voice) while on roaming mobile data (in Europe)

Oops, forgot to close/update this one. Turns out my earphones were broken! 😄


I'm currently traveling through Europe (I'm an Australian resident). Because I'm with Vodafone, I get a good deal on roaming and data limit is not an issue for me, also I get wifi in many places.
I haven't really had any problems with sound quality in Australia with the default settings, but ever since I landed in Europe, the sound quality has dropped significantly and the songs that sounded great in Australia now sound very tinny, like I'm streaming a extremely low quality MP3.
Setting the streaming quality to highest doesn't fix this either.
Strangely, this was also the case with songs I had downloaded in Australia on my home wifi before leaving home, so I thought maybe the songs were downloaded with poor quality and now Spotify is playing the cached version of the songs, so I deleted all spotify data on my phone and deleted and reinstalled the app, but still no luck.
Just anecdotally, some songs seem to be better than others but I can't think of a pattern.
Considering I'm on a premium account, this is such a shame and quite disappointing.
Any help or hints is appreciated.

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