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Loading spinners everywhere... takes almost a minute to load screens with strong network connection!

Loading spinners everywhere... takes almost a minute to load screens with strong network connection!

As of some recent release in the last month I've been having an awful experience on Android where it used to be amazing 😞

Specifically, I'll often be searching for results in the app, clicking on songs to load them, or loading Radio or Playlists. And instead of things loading, I just see the loading spinner forever (see attached screenshot).


This tends to happen when on a 4G LTE connection (as opposed to WiFi) but I think I've seen it happen on Wi-fi as well. I'll have solid reception with many bars, and once the music starts playing, it loads fine with no issues. But often I'll click a track and it'll take 30+ seconds before it even starts playing.


Can you guys please look into this? 😞 Anyone else having this issue? Yes, I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling and clearing data.


Spotify version:

Android 4.1.2

Phone: Motorola Droid RAZR M




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Hi. Do you get this issue only with a 4G connection? Does it work normally over wifi? Do you have "Download over 2G/3G" enabled in the spotify app settings?

Thanks for replying!


I get it over WiFi sometimes as well. I just reproduced the issue right now on WiFi; attaching a screenshot. Basically I just did a few searches for artists, then clicked on the artist's name (first result). Usually the spinner that results goes away after 5 seconds or so, but sometimes it just sits there for 30+ seconds.


I know my Internet connection isn't to blame. I just ran a speed test on and am getting 15.87 Mbps down and 1.08 Mbps up.

This happens on 4G and WiFi.


The "Download over 2G/3G" setting is disabled. This issue isn't related to the downloading/caching of playlists.



I have also been having this problem for quite some time and it is getting much worse. This morning on my way to work I waited over 5 minutes for an artist page to load. It happens on 4G and Wifi. I've deleted all app data and uninstalled Spotify after reading the troubleshooting thread here. I've also done a master reset on my phone recently and the problem has still continued. It is extremely frustrating.

@Rutter207 Please post your:


Spotify version

Android version

Phone model

Spotify version
Android 4.1.2
Samsung Galaxy Note II on Verizon

I reproduce the issue on different Android devices, Sony M2 and Samsung S4 Mini mobile phones and Samsung A10 2016 tablet.


Problem is constanly exist when Spotify is not used some time and internet connection (WiFi or GSM, doesn't matter) was turned OFF and some time later ON.

Starting Spotify with working internet never succeed - home, browse, search and recently played list in my music ends up with spinner and error afterwards.

Need to restart app few times to start working.

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