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Forgets all downloaded offline content - Premium - S4 Mini

Forgets all downloaded offline content - Premium - S4 Mini

I download albums and playlists in my S4 Mini spotify android app as a premium u$er.

Downloads fine, content is available offline.

Then, for some reason, after a day or two, I go back to listen to it, and everything that Ive downloaded is not available offline anymore.

My albums and playlists are still saved but not available offline.

So I have to go, through EACH album, and playlist, and RE mark it available offline.


But, when I hit 'Available Offline' again, It asks me for an internet connection. I connect to the internet.

Then, it atempts to download each song, but aparently if finds that it is ALREADY downloaded, and just marks it available offline again, imediately, without even transferring anything over the internet.


Why is this happening? Please fix it!

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Can you try a clean install using the below guide?

[GUIDE] How to fix common issues for Spotify on Android

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Is really a clean install your recommended solution for this? Are you kidding? How is it any better than going through my downloaded albums and mark them to be available offline again? I'll loose all preferences and offline playlists in doing a clean install...

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