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Shuffle Playlist plays 1 song and pauses

Shuffle Playlist plays 1 song and pauses

Phone: Samsung Note 4 (SM-N910F)

Android Version: 6.0.1


Spotify Account Type: Free (Shuffle Play) (previously Premium)

Spotify Version: armV7


No SD Card installed on device.

Using strong WiFi connection


Issue 1: When using Shuffle Play on any playlist (created by user or Spotify) - 1 song will play will pause either 10-12 seconds into Track or 3-5 seconds from end of track - cannot move to next song without hitting Next. Affects both Spotify playlists and my own created playlists.

All playlists streamed directly, no files stored locally. Has happened intermittently in past now constant.


Issue 2: When adverts attempt to play - request to watch advert plays - press "watch now" - but files shows loading continually and warning message pops up repeatedly saying "Playback Failed" and file will not play - cannot move on to another song or other part of app. Need to close app with Task Killer and re-open to use again. Happens on each "Video" advert.


Actions Taken to resolve: (idependantly and together repeatedly as advised on Spotify Community forums):

 - Clear Spotify Cache

 - Reboot device / restart device

- Uninstall and clean install

- [Marshmallow] App Power Saving options - turn off Power Saving, check Enable Background data enabled for Spotify, Disable App Power Saving for Spotify. 

- Change Streaming Quality

- Allow and turn off Gapless Playback

- Allow, edit and turn off Crossfade

- Spotify in list of ignored app in Task Killer.


None of the above actions have resolved either of the 2 issues - i've tried all combinations of above and just cannot resolve the issue. Please help!


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Hi there; firstly can I say this is an excellent report!


From which I only have 2 things left to try:


  1. Try on mobile data and see if the issue persists, and
  2. Factory reset of your device (drastic)

I really think you've exhausted your troubleshooting abilities as far as an end user can. You may have to get in contact with the support team to see if there's an issue in the server cache against your profile. They should be able to reset it which hopefully may fix the issue.


You can contact Spotify Support using the form here or on Twitter using the handle @SpotifyCares.

Note: When emailing you will get an automated reply at first, however if you need to chase them just reply to the email as it does get monitored.

Please use the search feature before posting a problem/bug/idea.
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Hey man, thanks for the response!


Factory reset at the start of the week and no dice....


But just tested it exclusively on Mobile Data does appear to be OK.......


Any advice?



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