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Free Spotify not working on Android

Free Spotify not working on Android



I have an old HTC Hero that I wish to use solely for playing free Spotify shuffle. However, everytime I try to play an artist or song, I get a notification that tells me I need to upgrade to Premium to stream music.


Ontop of that, I don't see a Shuffle Play button, only a Download button, which, of course, doesn't work becasue I don't have a premium account. 


So, why can I not play Spotify Free on Android HTC Hero?


Some details:


HTC Hero: Firmware 2.1 - update 1

Software number: 3.36.405.1
Spotify version:


I hope someone can help,





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Hi. Your android OS is too old to be able to run the newer spotify version which means you can't get free mobile spotify I'm afraid.

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