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Freezes when trying to log in (Sony Xperia Tipo)

Freezes when trying to log in (Sony Xperia Tipo)

I have prerium account, and it works normally on PC. But when i try to log in using my Sony Xperia Tipo, it just freezes to "Logging in", and nothin happens until i shut down the app.

Same thing with Facebook login, or even when i try to create new account.

The App is the laterst version from Google store. What can i do?

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Hi. Could you try uninstalling then reinstalling both the spotify and the facebook apps and see if it helps.

I am looking for help:

Trying to install Spotify on Sony Xperia Tipo I keep getting a message: "Insufficient storage available", although I have plenty of space both internal and on SD card. Any suggestions?



Reboot your phone, if it doesn't work try to clear the cache on Google play store and try to install

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