Frequent auto-pausing during playback

Frequent auto-pausing during playback




Plan: Premium




Country: Canada




Device: Samsung Galaxy A32 5G




Operating System: Android 




My Question or Issue: 




Throughout the last couple of weeks I have been experiencing spotify auto-pausing my podcasts during playback. The autopausing seems to happen at random intervals where sometimes I will have a second of playback, and other times I can get through a whole podcast without it pausing before it starts again in the next one. Most often I get around 30 seconds to a minute of playback. I have only noticed this happening since the beginning of January.




At this point I have tried as many of the troubleshooting methods I can find inculding: 




-closing and restarting the app




-restarting the phone




- clearing both the phones cache and the spotify cache




- downloading the content ahead of listening to avoid bad/weak internet connections. Including fully turning off all internet connections when I listen so it is not background scanning for a connection.




- deleting and reinstalling the app




-checking that software on both the app and phone are up to date




-making sure the phone is not in power saving mode




I am not sure what else to try as nothing seems to be fixing the problem and I am getting very frustrated. 










































































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Hi there @Gtomsq,

Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community!


Since the pausing is happening at random, it could be that someone else who has access to a device on which you're logged in might be pausing your music. This can happen if you're logged in your household smart speaker or TV and a family member is pausing the podcast.

Can you try Logging out everywhere and logging back in only on your phone for a couple of days to see if this keeps happening.


Let us know how it goes.

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