Liking songs sync issue with mobile app

Liking songs sync issue with mobile app




Galaxy S22

Operating System

Android 13


My Question or Issue

When I'm listening to something on the phone app and I like the song on the web player (which I'm using as a controller sort of), the song doesn't like on the mobile app. And vice versa. It only syncs up when I close and open the app again, and it's really really annoying to have to manually sync them because of this bug.

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Hi there @Ivan-K,


Thanks for reaching out. Did this work before or has it always been like this? Does it work with other pairs of devices, such as the Desktop App? Test that out if you haven't and also test if the sync works in the other direction (liking a song on your phone showing up on web). Also, does it sync if you go to a different song and then back or when you go to liked songs? Please try these scenarios out and let us know.


Keep us posted.

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