From UK, but can't download spotify for my phone whilst in SA

From UK, but can't download spotify for my phone whilst in SA

Hi Crew, 

So I am visiting South Africa and thought i'd download Spotify for my Android device (Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge) whilst I am here, but it would seem that I cannot do it because it is not supported in SA?

Can anyone tell me what I can do? Can clearly listen to it here thanks to my premium account, but cannot get it on my phone.

Thanks for the help!

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I might have a solution for you. But I can not recommend it as a safe solution.

You can download Spotify Music.apk from a website and then install it by enabling use of "Unknown Sources" in settings.

I don't post any links as it's completly up to you to do this as it can be considered unsafe.

Does sound super dodge, any other things I could try before resorting to this? 😄

Thanks for the reply btw!

The only thing I can think of is to try different VPNs that are based in a country where Spotify is available. But I think that Google Play blocks most VPNs.

I have tried it to get some Streaming services on my own phone but the ones I tried were blocked/not functional with Google Play.

Hmmm just tried this, the entire change your country to something else, etc, with the VPN, does not work :<

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