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Volume automatically lowers itself

Volume automatically lowers itself

Hi i have a note 4 on android 5. At the start of any track for the first second it will play at max volume then it will automatically lower itself, this is then the max volume and i cant turn it up any higher. I have checked all settings and done as much as i kow how to do. This is head doing!! Please help
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Hi @Trigga1 and welcome to the community!


First of all a few questions, so that I can help you out better:

- When does this problem appear? Only when you listen through the speaker of your phone or also when connected to headphones etc...?

- Do you use any root on your phone or are you on Samsungs TouchWiz UI as usual?


My first advice to you is to just make a fresh reinstallation of Spotify on your phone by following these steps carefully (if you are Premium User and have music stored offline, be aware that those files will lost up until you redownload them).

Please answer the questions and come back to me with an update.


Keep It Up!


It didn't work

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