Frustrating Spotify bug on HTC One

Frustrating Spotify bug on HTC One


Hi there

First post - I was wondering if anyone else was suffering with this bug: whenever I play music from Spotify my HTC One will have a little mental breakdown and start triggering all sorts of other apps that use audio -it will try to redial the last number I called, open Google Now and trigger the voice command section, and then finally just crash and stop playing music. Any advice on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi, and welcome to the community!


Wow, that's an interesting thing for a phone to do! I'll escalate this topic to see if any staff can reproduce it.


Also, anyone else that comes to this topic; if you have the same issue, make sure to press the 'Me too' button and if you can reply with the following:

1) Your Android version

2) Your Spotify version

3) Are you playing offline files or streaming music?

4) If your phone/model is different, post that as well.




Anthony 🙂

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Hi Anthony - thanks for your help 🙂

I have a stock HTC One and definitely do not have that issue. Does it happen when you use a headset and skip a track? HTC annoyingly hardwired the double click to redial the last number dialed in addition to skipping tracks. Headset Controller corrects this by adding a dummy blank entry to the recent calls list.


I have the same issue. 

Thou I inactivated 7digital now and my phone seems to not freak out any more. 

Try and see if it works for you. 


I've also done a update of the OS but it didn't solve the freaking out. 


I got the impression that it all started after 7digital updated on my phone and I, the day after that, started to use spotify on my way home from work (that was yesterday). Last night though, when writning a text (spotify wasn't on), the phone freaked out starting Google Talk when I was typing. And on my way to work today, listening to Sveriges Radio (spotify still off) it started the phones own music player-app. 
So my conclusion is that maybe spotify might be the trigger to the bug but that the problem acctually lies somewere else. 


Try to inaktivate 7digital. I could use the phone for a good while with out anything happening but I need to use it abit more cus it's only been a few hours of testing. 


I spoke too soon. The phone is still freaking out with the same issues as mentione in the first post. -.- 


I have exactly the same problem;


Google Voice Dialler and Voice Search are triggered repeatedly as soon as Spotify is activated when in transit, usually when walking or on a train. It's the same behaviour over 2 different Android running devices, a Sony XPeria M2, and a Samsung Galaxy J1, the latter of which I now use.


Android Version 4.4.4.

Spotify Version


The phone is new and I have yet to change little but the most basic, cursory settings.

I need to sort this before Google prompts me with "Say, Hi Google" and eventually hears a response about what it can do to itself while on board a commuter train.

Asus PadFone
Android 4.4.2

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