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Função "Músicas" foi removida!

Função "Músicas" foi removida!






Motorola X2

Operating System

Android Marshmallow


My Question or Issue

 Por que a função para tocar todas as músicas aleatoriamente das nossas seleções de artitas e álbuns foi removida? Era a principal função para o meu dia-a-dia.

Muito chato!

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Hey @danielaredes, welcome to the Community!

We hope you don't mind if we reply in English. If you'd like help in Portuguese, you can reach out to us via email.


How long has this been going on for? Do you have the same issue with your Songs? 


Try logging out and back in to see if it helps. You can also try seeing if there are any updates available for your app.


Let us know how it goes.

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