[Galaxy Watch] Can't shuffle in offline mode

[Galaxy Watch] Can't shuffle in offline mode




United Stads


Galaxy Watch 42mm with Galaxy S9+

Operating System

Tizen 4.0.0


My Question or Issue


I have some playlists downloaded for when I go for a run and switch spotify to offline mode. However, when offline, repeat and shuffle functionality is unavailable.


This is not a bug, this is designed that way. The buttons are greyed out, and when I try to tap on them, a message pops up saying "Save/shuffle/repeat is currently not available offline." (See attached pictures).


The fact that there is a message that says precisely this means it was programmed that way. Why? And when will it be fixed? This is basic MP3 player functionality that's been around for decades, you definitely don't need an internet connection to shuffle a playlist.


When will this app be updated with proper functionality and to get rid of some glaring bugs (like how it automatically plays afterusing voice commands or taking a call)?

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