Gapless playback not working on all albums

Gapless playback not working on all albums


I was wondering if anyone can help with the issue I am having with gapless music.

Most of the time it works fine but it seems there are a few albums where it does not work. I have crossfade set to 2s and have tried changing the crossfade length. The albums that it is not working on are downloaded with extreme quality.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Phone: OnePlus3 (non rooted, no external sd card)
Android: 6.0.1
Spotify version armV7

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If I remember, crossfade and gapless don't work for local files but should work on everything else. You should only have one of these enabled as they conflict.

Cheers for your reply.

The tracks are downloaded using Spotify premium. They are not local tracks.

Sorry for the confusion.


That's odd. I just checked and crossfade works for me on downloaded spotify content.You checked that gapless is turned off?


Ah but I see your issue is with gapless albums, sorry. It could just be that the albums you're having issues with aren't encoded correctly for gapless playback. If that's the case, gapless won't work whether the album is downloaded or being streamed so maybe you could check if this is the case?

Yeah it doesn't work when streaming either, on this particular album. Strange that all the albums aren't encoded the same way. Regardless, hopefully it'll get updated soon!

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