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Gear S3 Frontier Fail

Gear S3 Frontier Fail

I have an Australian Gear S3 fronier which means (thanks to the completely backward way internet and phone servicing is handled in this country) we do not have LTE suppport for the Gear S3 Frontier. As a result I have been attempting (with a degree of frustration) to use the Spotify Offline features with no measure of success.
That is to say the following issues present themselves:

1. If a selected playlist is over roughly 250 songs in length it will be instructed to download, apparently go through the motions but not store a SINGLE track.

2. Once coerced into downloading a playlist the watch is then connect to BT headphones and set to play.  Two issues henceforth present.

a) The playback is ENTIRELY broken, choppy and not useful at all.  This is not the headset, it does this when playing through the watch itself.
b) once set to offline mode on the watch or outside wifi/bluetooth range playback stops completely.


Now before any 'solutions' are mentioned let the following be known:

1. there is more than enough space for the songs and playlists >300 songs

2. the watch was factory reset, the download cache deleted and reinstalled/dowloaded twice, this fixed nothing

3. the data was definitely downloaded and stored as 'offline' prior to disconnecting form wifi/bluetooth.


Now...any suggestions?

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