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Getting stuck when using bluetooth in car.

Getting stuck when using bluetooth in car.

I have a premium plan and I am using a Samsung galaxy S9+ with the latest firmware.  I connect to my 2013 Ford Explorer via bluetooth.  I have steering wheel controls for volume and skipping.  When it first starts streaming everything is fine but after about 1-2 mins I can't skip tracks from any controls.  I checked using samsung music and that works fine.  Now if I have the app open I can switch tracks fine but once the screen turns off i loose function.  It was never like this until the latest spotify updates.  Any help would be nice.

3 Replies

I'm getting similar after the latest update but it's the opposite way round.

Once connected to my car I can't skip tracks until I've skipped it once via the phone. After that the car controls work again.

Audi MMI+

UPDATE:  I did a clean reinstall on my phone and it works fine now.

Thanks for that, reinstall helped here too. 


Should have tried that first really!

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