Google Assistant won't auto play s10

Google Assistant won't auto play s10






Samsung S10+

Operating System

Android Oreo


My Question or Issue

Google Assistant will search a song but not auto play. 

OS completely up to date

App data cleared

App delinked and relinked

App uninstalled and reinstalled

Phone master reset

Data working

Happens on WiFi and cellular








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Hello @corydcartwright ,

Thanks for reaching out to the community!


Try this!

Go to Settings > Apps > Spotify > Permissions > microphone


Give Spotify access to microphone permissions and then force close Spotify, then use google assistant to play music.


Note - Make sure you're using Google assistant, exactly like shown in screenshot.

(You can access that by holding down the home button. )


Let me know if it worked! 



Hey, new s10e user here. The above worked for me! I have no idea why but opening the assistant specifically via the home button holding method seemed to reset assistant into a mildly different format and now it works. It works now even if I open it via "okay google." 


I was having the exact same problem as above where it would say "okay playing" then would just open the app and search what I asked for. 


Google assistant for me looked different prior to me opening assistant with the home button and was more of a news feed like scenario with news etc. Now it appears to show more of a diary and weather and options. I don't know how to explain it...


Anyway all fixed now!

Thank you!!

**bleep** this worked! I spent 2 hours on a chat with spotify tech support and got NO answers. I was ready to return my phone over this! I was so **bleep**. But I did the fix of holding the home button and it fixed my Google assistant now it plays my spotify. Thank you so much!!

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