Some others music won't stop to interrupt my music

Some others music won't stop to interrupt my music







Samsung Galaxy s10 (had the same problem with the 9)

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Hi 🙂

I have issues with my spotify for some times now. When I am listening my playlist in my phone, suddenly my music is interrupted by some others songs. Spotify plays those song env 30 sec and jump to an another one. I have to go in my playlist again to have my music back. And usually I have the same "jumping" problem for 2-3 songs after that. Tried to deactivated all notifications and push in my account (even if I did not change anything and did not have any issues in the past) did not work. Tried to desinstalled the apply and download it again, did nothing. It really became an issue and I am listening YouTube more and more because of that and regretting to subscribe for a one year abo of spotify premium. I have no idea what to try now 😞 even a change of phone did nothing. Can someone pleasssseeeeeee help me?


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