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Google Home and Spotify

Google Home and Spotify

Starting last night, I have noticed a problem with my Google Home and playing from Spotify. Whenever I play something from my phone (Samsung S8+) on my Google Home, it plays... as long as I don't touch ANYTHING on my phone. If I try to control my music from my phone after it's connected, I get the error "Sorry. The music has stopped because your Spotify account is being used on a different device". The thing is, I can play music flawlessly on my Google Home mini or my Chromecasts. This only seems to happen on my full Google Home. Any ideas as to why? This is rather annoying...

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Hi. I'm thinking this may be a problem with Home as I get similar errors using Play Music. It's probably worth raising this with Google support.

I've noticed the same problem. But it only happens on my Google Minis (so far) and not my Google Home. When I start playing Spotify on a mini and try to interact from the iPhone app or from the computer app, that message happens and it stops playing all together. Then, if I try to play to a mini from the computer and try to skip a song, it stops playing. Worked fine up until last week.

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