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HELP! How to move own playlist from spotify to PC or ipod

HELP! How to move own playlist from spotify to PC or ipod

Hi am Premium because I would like to have some from Spotify playlist on my desktop. but I do not manage to get it done. Is there a way? 


If not. does anybody know a way to get the plaliyt on to ipod? 

I pay 9.99 per month and I do not want to use premium if these things cannot be done. Is there anybody out there who can help and tell me what to do?


Regards, Claudia

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If you are asking if you are able to have the same playlist on your computer and your ipod:

Just log into the same account on both the computer and the Spotify app on your iPod, you dont need premium to do this 🙂

If its not a playlist you created:

Just follow the playlist and it should appear under the playlist option (in the spotify app) in my music on your ipod, you dont need premium to do this either 🙂

Hi and thanks for your help. I did not get an email so I am late for my response.


My ipod is a classical mp3, so it does not have an app. I really do not understand. 


What can I do, if I want the playlists of spotify on MY COMPUTER or MY IPOD? Is there a way? I have a few days premium left, 


Regards, Claudia

I finally understand how it works.


I understand that I can use my mobile - I cannot use my local computer or my ipod. So I have the music on the mobile now.....This is ok, but not as good as having it on my computer, 


Regares, Claudia

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